3 Things You Need to Know Before Using CBD for PTSD

Are you tired of suffering from PTSD in silence?

If so, you’re not alone.

It is estimated that around 8% of people in the US will have PTSD at some point in their lives. To put this into perspective, this is 1 out of every 13 people, and growing.

Yet, science shows CBD could help.

In fact, Cannabidiol may be a powerful treatment for PTSD.

Keep reading to learn more about using CBD for PTSD.

What is Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder?

Post-traumatic-stress-disorder, or PTSD, can develop after experiencing a dangerous, threatening, or shocking event.

While it is normal to feel fearful during and after a traumatic event…

Over time, the body and mind are able to heal.

Sometimes, though, this fear response does not turn off.

As a result, many people experience symptoms such as:

  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Repetitive or Frightening Thoughts
  • Angry Outbursts
  • Feelings of Guilt/Shame
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Anxiety

Traditionally, pharmaceuticals have been the go-to choice for treating PTSD.


Many medications produce harsh side-effects and can lead to long-term dependency.

As a result, more people are turning to natural options for treating PTSD.

Curious if Cannabidiol could help you find relief?

Here are three things you need to know about using hemp CBD for PTSD.

#1 Cannabidiol May Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms for people with post-traumatic-stress-disorder.

Meanwhile, research shows CBD has anti-anxiety properties.

A report from the Journal of Neurotherapeutics in 2015 showed that Cannabidiol is particularly effective for alleviating social anxiety.

But that’s not all!

A study from Frontiers in Neuroscience in 2018 revealed Cannabidiol led to a decrease in anxiety responses and plays a key role in minimizing fear memory expression.

Or, in other words, CBD may reduce anxiety and harmful memories, two of the biggest symptoms people with PTSD experience.

#2 Research Shows CBD May Regulate Mood Swings

Cannabidiol not only alleviates anxiety, a growing body of research indicates CBD also regulates our moods.

How is this possible?

Several studies show that cannabinoids, like CBD, play an important role in balancing our emotional state. In fact, Cannabidiol impacts our mood on a chemical level.

This can be explained, in-part, by the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

The ECS is a biological system that is present throughout the brain and nervous system.

What makes the ECS so incredible is that its not only designed to maintain homeostasis, it influences almost every major process in the body like memory, appetite, and, of course, mood.

Consuming Cannabidiol may play a key role in balancing our system, thereby regulating mood.

#3 Cannabidiol May Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Are you struggling to sleep at night?

You might want to consider trying CBD oil.

While Cannabidiol will not make you drowsy, it could help you get a better night’s rest.

A 2016 study examined the effects of CBD, sleep, and PTSD. While it was limited to a single patient, the results were telling.

Researchers found that a daily dose of CBD provided “relief of key symptoms with minimal side-effects.”

While more research about CBD and sleep will expand our understanding…

The research and anecdotal evidence speaks for itself.

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